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Creator, Producer, Director, Line Producer

     Very rarely do many of us leave this industry; I am retired and have worked on a great many projects ranging from Craft Services to Executive Producer, Story Consultant, Lighting Director, Sound, Set Design, Director of Photography, and Marketing. I have even sat in the dark for long hours in Postproduction and had the honor of being able to learn from some of the best up and coming editors; and in each moment, I have learned the power of the word coupled with the power of visual story telling. But today, I have a challenge unlike any other in my life.

     I am challenged to tell a story that will push back against the dark clouds that are looming on the edge of our nation, this experiment, oh yes it is an experiment, we call America. Yes, America is an experiment and you and I are a unique and critical part of this experiment. Not only for America, but for the rest of the world. We all are in this experiment at a unique moment not only for History but for the global Future; and so, I gathered an extraordinary blend of "Freedom Fighters" Some have called for War while others seek a Revolution, but I and my team of artisans seek an EVOLUTION, and it all begins here with you.

Why? You see, without you we would not exist and when I say you, I am speaking of the Creative You and the Thoughtful and Questioning You.

     Oh Yes, WE are not perfect, but for that is a price we must all face, but I will promise you this: We are the very answer for what Our Forefathers wished for; For the People, of the People, and by the People, Yes - the NINE most dangerous words ever spoken!

     Jennifer sat quietly taking cryptic notes as I told my tale, flashing a look at me now and then, looks that I could not read. I thought for a moment that she must be a hell of a poker player for having an unreadable face, a face that certainly did not offer any support to my confidence. The interview lasted an hour with me; she spoke to me about the past, you see, we had some different approaches and had left in disagreement long ago.

     Now, almost 2 decades later, she reached out to me and asked what I was up to; you see we had a mutual friend who passed away suddenly. For some reason, in her tone and approach, I felt she would give me a definitive answer to my story; an honest opinion, no frills, a clear yes or no as to the stories worth. So, I left with her saying she would be in touch with me and that any written material I had she needed to see it.

     That same evening, I sent it to her, and she replied, "I got it."  And then I heard nothing, Crickets; as we say. I had a full schedule so I could not wait, I was deep in the basics of production, then I received a text that simply read, "Call me." So, I picked up the phone and called her. Jennifer answered, "Mario you are a storyteller and a good one at that, not a writer, I am willing to help you as long as you and I stay in our lanes. I will write your story providing I hold my position as the book’s author."  And so, the journey began and like any other journey it has turned into an Adventure.

Jennifer Dawn

Forbidden Tears Productions

Author, Storyline and Character  Development


Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February  2023

This was such a amazing read I loved it.   I laughed and i cried I can’t wait to read more of this amazing writers books!!!

Lisa Breitenbach

Storyline Consultant

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